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Thread: Gettysburg Weekend

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    Gettysburg Weekend

    Would someone know the meet up spot for the Friday 1pm Gettysburg Battlefield Tour.

    Thank you

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    Last year they had the rides meet at the back of the hotel. I would assume they will do something similar this year. They will let you know at check in. Not much chatter about the event this year, considering the great turn out last year. I'm headed to WV tomorrow (yes, in the rain) but have a good time in Gettysburg. The battlefield tour is great. I get chills when I go through there just thinking of what it must have been like. Unbelievable.

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    JBUZZMO, how was the event this year? I attended last year and hoped to return this year but had a health issue take precedence.

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    I went this year and also last year. I had a great time as did everyone else by what they told me.
    Great to see again or meet for the first time- the MOA folks- Marc, Ted and Muriel. As usual, our resident Gettysburg expert, Sam Booth,
    kept us very informed and entertained on his tours. Saw some old friends from last year, and met quite a few new ones.
    If you ever have the chance to go, you must do it.
    If this tour is any indication, the MOA's getaway weekends are all well worth it.
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