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Thread: Recommended Tires F700 GS

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    Recommended Tires F700 GS

    Looking for your usually helpful recommendation based on miles of experience suggestion on first replacement set of tires for a 2013 F700GS. Mostly used on two lane roads, highways, but may ocassionally see some fire road use. Also have a 3 state trip coming up this summer, all hard pan. Thanks!
    2013 F700 GS
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    F700GS here too;

    My Daughter just got the new F700GS at 2000miles now, with original tires still on it. BS Battlewings, which I too have used on my GSA1200 for years with nice success. I just went Heidenau T60s and a WOW difference for dirt riding and still gets MORE miles than the BS and Tourances I have been using for 5 years, 95000 miles. These new Heidenau's are 50/50 and the new F700GS may go there too, if they are made for it? Don't know yet, have not asked. I think they are. I think the F700GS a fine ride I may get myself someday, growing older and needing a smaller GS. Randy

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