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Thread: Not Just for Ladies Dual Sport Ride in Utah......

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    Not Just for Ladies Dual Sport Ride in Utah......

    ......but it sure would be nice to have some other women join in. Currently, there are two of us ladies signed up, but we're quickly being outnumbered.

    This is another Utah Back-Country Ride, pretty much the same ride done twice with the Chain Gang. As before, we're pooling money and covering expenses. One of those expenses is a support vehicle. Riding will be much more fun without hauling our luggage out on the trails. I've made the reservations and have the routing pretty much in place. This is a First Class Ride with the best accommodations the Back Country of Utah can provide. Most dinners are at Steak Houses and breakfasts are hearty.
    For more info:
    Or for a taste of Utah:
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