Springtime when a young man's fancy turns to romance and an old man's to motorcycle batteries!

I just ordered a new battery for my K75 last week . When I bought my K75 in June of 2006, it had an almost new Westco sealed battery in it. I have done absolutely nothing to this battery- no cleaning, no charging-nothing. It never failed to start. I could tell though that it was getting a little weak. I did check at Batteries Plus and they had good batteries but the prices were not that good plus if I buy in Texas there is an 8.25% sales tax plus a $3 disposal fee. I found Beemer Boneyard to have a good deal on Westco batteries. They give a 10% discount to MOA members which just about covers the cost of shipping. My big 30 amp battery will cost about $120 which if it will last 6 years is pretty cheap for all that it does. One oil change costs more than that.

I have ordered several times from the Boneyard and have always been pleased.