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No one has really mentioned the newer battery tech. The Shorai that matches up for the bike does run 180 bucks, delivers more power (measured in different ways) and is in a smaller, much lighter package. Is this the direction of future batteries? Has anyone had experience or is also considering one?

I started a thread on this recently, when I subsequently ended up with the Odyssey.

Short version, reflecting my priorities; YMMV: Too new, too much uncertainty. I finally just crossed it off the list when I read in another forum that someone had theirs replaced when it was determined that its nonperformance was because it had one of a bad batch of circuit boards. That says to me there's too much unmanaged complexity in there for me, for now. I'm trying to reduce potential sources of unpredictable error, and right now the LI batteries add sources of unpredictable error. For my next battery, or my next bike, maybe that will have settled down a bit more.