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Thread: Post a picture of your Wethead

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinaz View Post
    That looks awesome. I am one who prefers the grey nose on the Mars Red bike. It reduces visual mass and makes the bike look sportier. I tend to go with Jeff's thoughts on the blue one though.
    +1 Absolutely the gray nose on the Mars Red. It looks great with the gray graphics.
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    I agree
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    My 'new' Helga the Schnellpanzer 2.0

    After having the front wheel fall off my old GS (literally) it's time for a new ride.

    Will grab better pics later but this should give you the idea of the color scheme (not mine BTW).

    Helga 2.0.jpg

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    Dinner in Columbia, TN

    Stopped at Puckett’s for dinner in Columbia before hitting the Summer NAMM show in Nashville. 75CE9B1C-EB10-426F-841B-189688FBDFA8.jpg
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    2016 R1200RS in Kingman, AZ

    Since the late 90s Wanda and I have ridden to Death Valley in January. On the way, there is a lot of paved Route 66 that can be ridden on.

    This picture was taken on our way to Laughlin and Death Valley.

    03 Route 66 Kingman Arizona.jpg

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    Yesterday at Ogden Iowa.

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    New RS Owner

    Bought the new RS in blue a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it. Had the dealer put on head guards and bought the OEM luggage. I'll be customizing it some more over the winter.

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    My new R1250 RT. My wife let me buy it on her birthday. All she got was a dinner. What a Saint!!!


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