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Thread: Protective clothing

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    Protective clothing

    Would like to buy some body armor for summer use. Want CE approved. Any suggestions, anybody.

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    Bohn has several variations on this theme.
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    Protective clothing

    Talked to the people at Bohn. Very informative. Took as much time with me to answer all of my questions. Sounds like they have what I need. Great company, great products, or at least they have a damm good salesman answering the phone.

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    Is anyone making motorcycle riding gear with Dow Deflexion for armor? Go google or youtube "deflexion" - its pretty amazing stuff in every day use by bull riders and the military. It's soft and pliable until it takes an impact and then it turns hard and distributes the energy over a larger area.
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    It appears RUKKA is using the Corning Deflexion in some of the "APS Air" armor.

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