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Thread: Summer glove suggestions

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    Summer glove suggestions

    Hi All

    I'm looking for a summer glove with some fair wrist coverage. I've been blessed (Cursed?) with long arms, such that my short gloves and standard sleeve length on my jackets give me the most bizarre wrist tan, along with an increased risk of unwelcome insects encroaching up my sleeves. I love my BMW Allround gloves, but in the southeast summer swelter, my hands would swim. Any suggestions?


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    I'm all ears... Went to purchase some the other week, but got confused & came home without any.

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    I use Lee Parks gloves. The link is to the deer and elk skin pair like the ones I've been using for five seasons.

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    Rev 'It makes some nice, breathable summer gloves with good protection, as well. I've have mine for around 5 years. Good ventilation.
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    Gloves, summer gloves, must be a hundred or more to pick from. What are you looking for?

    Warm weather ?
    very hot weather?
    Leather ?
    Synthetic ?
    Armor protection ?
    Gauntlet, or not ?

    I have had many over the years and I now run with Aerostich Elkskin gauntlet gloves from moderate weather to warm, 80 or so degrees.

    I use the BMW Airflow gloves for 80 plus weather. I have the old version, they have lasted for years.

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    Basic lightly-lined deerskin gloves have been good to me.

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    Held make top notch m-c gloves and several summer models. The ones I've used for several years have served me well and vent effectively while providing good protection (not road tested!) Can't remember the model (Air Port? Airflow?) but they don't make them anymore anyway. Held gloves are great!


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    I got a pair of BMW Airflow 2 gloves last summer and am very happy with them.

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    Thanks for all the replies! The ideal combination would be an exceedingly breathable glove with extended wrist protection. "Mesh gauntlets" would be a great descriptor. Here, spring and fall are extremely short-lived with summers being hot and humid. And pretty long. Anything that doesn't breathe is pretty much unbearable.

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    Since it seems you don't want to buy a custom jacket to accommodate your long arms and nobody (including me) has a recommendation for a "hot weather/ humid conditions" glove that has a long gaunlet, maybe you should just get an oversize wicking long-sleeve under-shirt to prevent the sunburn and bugs up the sleeve! Your glove choices are then endless.

    If at all possible, buy gloves locally with a return policy. Many of us have learned to our sorrow that what feels great in the store is quickly pretty awful on the bike - a seam in the wrong place, etc.

    I agree with the folks championing Held gloves, but only because I bought the first pair, "Held Steves" at a rally, tried on many pair to determine ones that actually fit my hand. Their "Warm and Dry" which I mail-ordered have also been great in colder'wetter conditions.
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    Thirding the Held suggestion. I have some summer gloves with kangaroo leather, and they're superb. They cover my wrists with a velcro fastener, which is better than some super-short summer gloves. Not quite gauntlet length.

    If I were to recommend a summer gauntlet without trying it:

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    Held Air N Dry - great summery gloves

    I have a pair of held air N dry that are fabulous. Comfortable, cool and protective. Long wrist guards and they feel like they will provide good protection.


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