First, my heart goes out to those in Boston..!

Now to my very minor problem, at least in the grand scheme of life. Well this could have happened on the road, so I am fortunate it did not. Right clip on seemed loose on my 2007 K1200GT and I thought it was the bolt that goes into the handlebar, it has a rubber grommet it goes through and helps prevent the controls from rotating. It screws right into the forged aluminum handlebar. Yes, I snapped it right off with the smallest wrench I own.

I have big white zip tie on there at the moment and I am weighing whether or not I should ride it like this the 5 miles to the dealer? I am also wondering how they are going to remove what is left. Am I sunk and looking at buying a new handlebar? ($665!)

Any words of encouragement at an extremely busy time of year for our dealers would be appreciated. Unfortunately so would blatant honesty.