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Thread: Adventure Tire Comparo follow up - two new knobbies!

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    Adventure Tire Comparo follow up - two new knobbies!

    Well, nothing like a little delay... sorry! Between the web site being down and Metzeler still not being able to provide samples of their new Karoo III, we're a little behind the curve.

    Further, since the article was written back in January, there have been two additional pieces of news in this area... a new Tourance "Next"... and a new Michelin Anakee "Wild"

    Below I've places photos and key facts about the Metzelers and beneath that, a little surprise from Michelin!

    And here are some pics of the Michelin Anakee Wild (great name, eh?)

    This size (profile) is actually for the wethead... not sure whether this fitment will for for the oil and hexheads.

    It looks like we'll now have some serious choice in the heavy enduro category...

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    I'd be happy to review the Metzeler Karoo III's on my 'lil pig, once the K60's are worn...

    (Got a lot of mileage out of this photo in the ON. )
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    Those Michelins look pretty serious, I'd like to see how they work out. Hopefully they will add sizing for the F800GS as well.
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    Just added Hiedenau;

    The GSA has a new rear Hiedenau and its first 500m are impressive. It keeps up this performance, NO comps out there for a 50/50 tire. Its been around now for what, 2 years or so. I am impressed so far and if it gets the miles they say(12000+), I look no more for tires when time comes. This is an easy repeat. I ride aggressive and have found NO slip, as been reported. These STICK like glue. Randy

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    Tires are a very personal thing... I can't say I am a huge fan of Heidenaus.

    Their tread life is a result of having a very hard compound, and the profile starts fairly square when new, and gets worse at the tire wears, even if your riding features a heavy diet of twisties.

    Now, my experience is limited to fitment on my HP2e. When I got the bike, the previous owner was mainly a highway rider and the tires were badly squared off. I thought it might be possible to round them back off with large amounts of throttle while exiting corners. That tactic resulted in some very tense moments as the rear slid out in an attempt to pass the front.

    So, I removed that set and mounted a new set of K60s, and even with a bunch of riding in the twisties, the profile is already starting to square off. Further, I am not able to lean the bike as far as when riding on something like Tourances, and it is kind of embarrassing to have chicken strips as wide as I do, plus a full row of nearly untouched bravery "nubs"...

    Mind you, now, the HP2e is not kind on tires. I bet I don't get 4k miles out of the rear before it will be so squared off as to be unrideable again.

    That all said, I would like to try a set of K76s on my 1150 before rendering final judgement.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    Their tread life is a result of having a very hard compound, and the profile starts fairly square when new, and gets worse at the tire wears, even if your riding features a heavy diet of twisties.
    I removed a rear K60 from my R12GS at just over 5K miles. Still had lots of tread but the profile had worn so flat you could feel the corners. I didn't like the feel of the front much, either, but not bad enough to throw a good tire away like I did with the rear. To spite me the front lasted and lasted and lasted until I gave up and replaced it (with a TKC80) at about 12K. There was still rubber left.

    I know that some love the tire. Not me. If it works for you, great.

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