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Thread: Accident near Bedford, Virginia

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    Accident near Bedford, Virginia

    Driving home from Salem with my wife. About 1:00 PM traffic slows on Rt 460 eastbound just east of Bedford, Virginia. Police guide traffic into one lane. The presence of an ambulance and rescue personnel suggest an accident ahead. As I pass the point of impact I glance over and see what appears to be a 2004 GS on its side. The rider (with full gear on) is on a stretcher.

    Difficult to be certain what happened, but it appears the GS rider was in the left lane waiting to turn into a Lowe's. I assume a vehicle hit him from behind. The GS itself did not appear crumpled so I am hopeful it was a low speed impact.

    Not asking anyone who might know this rider to mention him here, publicly, without his permission. Simply let him know he is being prayed for. I hope he is not badly injured and that he recovers quickly. Thanks.


    P.S. Mods-I was not sure where to post this...or even to post it at all. I understand if you need to move or remove it.
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    Hope this rider has gotten off with no serious injury. Sounds like a pretty typical rear end hit from your description- we've had a couple in our local club that resulted merely in bent bikes so hope this is the same.

    One thing I've noted following other BMW riders on the GS- its tailight is weak and wimpy in sunlight compared to other models. Given the level of inattention of many of today's cagers, I don't think its adequate..supplementing with one of the many available options is proably a good idea for folks who ride in traffic..

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