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Thread: 1995 R100RT windshield install

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    1995 R100RT windshield install

    So I am at the point of trying to push/pull the rubber teats through the holes in the new stock windshield.I got one through,pulled one off and mangled it before I quit.Does anyone have the tried and true method? Tools?Lubricant?


    When I try the search function I get 26 pages of completely unrelated posts and cannot access the post I bookmarked about the 1984 RT(which is probably the same as the 95).
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    RT Windshield intallation

    We used WD-40 to WELL lubricate the the "****", and a pair of needle noise pliers to gently pull them thru.

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    I use the WD 40 and also a small flat screw driver to help PUSH the lip thru while gently pulling the tip.

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    I used black RTV after I broke those little suckers off.

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    I'd avoid wd40 and other oils as they might attack the rubber. How about armorall protectant. Its very slippery on rubber and plastic.

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    As abnormal as it might sound, I would use Dielectric Grease. It is intended for electrical connections and connectors. Connectors are made of all kinds of plastics and rubber compounds and dielectric grease is benign for almost all such compounds. I routinely use dielectric grease on rubber parts because it keeps them from being stuck tight next time I need to take things apart. I have never found degradation of rubber from the use of this grease. If you don't have a big tube like I do you can get it in small packets labelled "Bulb Grease" at most auto parts stores.
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