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Thread: R100RT 1990 Clutch not releasing when hot

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    R100RT 1990 Clutch not releasing when hot

    Last summer I replaced the clutch disk pressure plate and spring disk. The throughout bearing plastic housing was oversize so I sanded it down to the specified diameter. The clutch spline was lubed. All worked just great then in Nov. I put the bike on the back of our motor home and came to Florida. I put about 500 miles on then left the bike back on the motor home and flew home . After 5 weeks I returned and started to use the bike again. The first short rides were ok then I took a 20 mile ride and the clutch did not release. When things cooled after 15 min. I heard the clutch snap back and then drove back. This continues to happen when thing get nice and warm. When the motor is cold the clutch operates very smoothly and as things get warmer it is harder to pull the clutch leaver and I can hear a grating noise.
    My question : What is the solution to this problem. Is the plastic bearing holder a factor.
    I would like to ride again soon.
    Cheers Bob

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    When you refer to the "throw-out bearing", are you referring to the bearing in the clutch control assembly on the rear of the gearbox on the outside?

    to my knowledge, that has no plastic component. Or am I unclear about what bearing you are referring to? Tell us more, please.

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    Is he talking about #2 here:

    I wasn't aware of them being plastic. I have heard of issues with them being oversized or swell up when heated; reducing the size can help it clear within the transmission housing.

    Edit: the issue with the pistons sticking seemed to be the '81-85 models. Part 23 13 1 464 167 is shared with the K models and was used in the last run of Airhead models.
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    Throwout bearing and piston

    Yes it was the piston that I sanded down it is some kind of plastic material.

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    Cool On the road again

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob 1642 View Post
    Yes it was the piston that I sanded down it is some kind of plastic material.
    I removed the piston-throw out bearing and had >.002" machined off by Hartco Engineering in Avon Park FL.
    Finished dim. 1.143" Things are now working as they should when hot after a 50 mile ride.
    Thanks Bob

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