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    Quote Originally Posted by holygoat View Post
    Cheap automobile Garmin GPSes work just fine on bikes; in the event of rain, deploy a tactical sandwich bag. You can buy a lot of sandwich bags with the $650 you save by getting a $150 N?vi (with lifetime maps!) rather than an $800 Zumo.
    I concur with the Nuvi 1450 that is mounted to an RKA plate on the top of my RKA tankbag...wired in hard to switched fuse source, and I just hit the button for keeping the Power On when I stop for gas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsuited View Post
    I'm thinking about getting a GPS for the bike. I am wondering how people feel about GPS for navigating on the bike. I've heard some GPS's don't hold up well. I'd hate to spend $600+ on a unit and have it last only a couple of years. I also wonder how many here navigate with just a tank bag/maps versus GPS. Some say you need a Bluetooth headset for the voice commands, but it seems like the screen would be enough to navigate.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    I have had one or two GPS units on my bikes since 1998. I have, over the years used 10 or so different Garmin GPS units in various combinations. Eight of them were waterproof for motorcycle use and two are car units not specifically waterproof.

    When not hanging out with MOA Members I hang out with many long-distance endurance riders of the Iron Butt Rally variety. While I can't say there are as many different schemes for GPS use and navigation as there are riders, that almost seems to be the case. At one end of the scale are riders who plan their routes on the computer, download the route to the GPS, and follow that route. At the other end of the spectrum are riders who navigate with a map and use the GPS to know exactly where they are and to find things like fuel or food. In between are those who plan on a map, enter some waypoints, and route waypoint to waypoint on the fly.

    You can add to the mix the ability to have music, weather radar, pairing with a telephone, and other bells and whistles.

    If you don't ride in much rain one of the inexpensive Garmin Nuvi units would be a good first GPS. I have an older Nuvi 265 that I use for its data tabble, detailed street level maps, and points of interest (gas, food, fuel, etc). It is mounted along side either a 276C or BMW Navigator III which I use for routing from waypoint to waypoint. I always have a map for overall routing and almost never ride the route (fastest or shortest) I can find on the GPS.

    Voni uses a Garmin 2610 - she has had three of them over the years. I resisted giving up a voltmeter display and control buttons for years but find the Nuvi touch screen very nice to use.
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    paper, plus iphone

    I link my iPhone using google maps into my earbuds and set a destination. I usually have a paper map in the top window of my tank bag but find it very helpful to have voice commands in unfamiliar areas. Looking to upgrade to a more dedicated GPS - but can't quite justify the price of the full on motorcycle / waterproof units yet.


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    Thanks for all the advice, everyone.

    For what it's worth, I found this:

    It's a $100 rebate offer on the Zumo 350LM. I did check with Garmin, and the rebate offer is valid.

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    I love my BMW Nav IV (Garmin) I like that it is motorcycle specific and waterproof. Easy to operate since my car navs are also Garmin. Will work fine with gloves on too. I purchased the BMW mounting bracket and had the dealer install it.
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