I've been getting my feet wet in CNC woodworking.

Currently I'm making a sign for my grand daughters room. It will be animal themed. Here is a pic of one of the animals I have carved with my CNC


I've made some awards for my Chartered Club's annual Rally.


I've made some holders for runner medals and personalized them.


I'm making two name boards for sailboats.

Here is computer preview of one of them

I have an order for a sign that a black powder rendezvous guy wants for outside his lodge when he camps. He wants bear tracks on it.

Trying to keep somewhat busy, but not to busy for other things as well.

It has been a lot of fun/frustration as the learning curve was steeper than I expected. I'm blaming it on being 66 rather than 26.

So far I've gotten very positive feedback from folks that have received things that I made. That helps a lot.