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Thread: Riding to Big Bend

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    Riding to Big Bend

    I am excited to be able to go back to one of my favorite places with my best riding partner. In late 2013 she had a bone marrow transplant which saved her life from aplastic anemia. She had recovered enough that we did get to ride to Arkansas for a bluegrass festival last fall, then graft vs host disease really made her sick again. Thank the Lord that she is recovering from that and now able to make another trip. We will get to stay 3 days in the Chisos Mountain lodge and try to find the Colima Warbler (she is a birder). So if you see an old couple on an orange GS, say Hi.
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    Congrats on all accounts! Seems you have much to celebrate and enjoy on this ride. Hope every mile brings a smile and life-long memory.

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    Those '53 models were built tough!
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    Great place to celebrate!

    And a park ranger's wife just posted that the first Colima Warbler has been sighted.

    AND oh, the wildflowers. Just a taste

    Hope we run into you there.

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