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Thread: Heading south from Alberta April 20

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    Heading south from Alberta to the Georgia Mnt. Rally

    I will be heading south from Alberta on April 20, heading to the Georgia Mountain rally and then down to Florida for a couple of weeks, if I can keep myself amused for that long and then on to the Great Chicken rally in Alabama. I will be camping as much as possible looking for cheap campsites in Florida, which might be hard to find. I have to make sure I see some alligators this time. After Alabama I will be heading up the east coast into Canada then back in to the U.S. at Niagara falls then back to Canada at Manitoba. Well that's the plan but not set in stone. Any suggestions as to must see things along the way?
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    Blue Ridge Parkway, & Skyline Drive are always nice. A bit slower but really well worth the time.
    In the area near Deal's Gap (the Dragon), there are many many great roads (western NC/VA/TN) including the Cherahola Skyway, which climbs to 5280 feet at its zenith. US 219 thru PA is pretty nice, in fact there are many nice roads in PA. The western side has PA's highest mountains- and Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water. 219 goes to Buffalo, and on to Niagra Falls. West Virginia is probably endless.
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    You might want to go from Niagara Falls to Sudbury and take the northern route over Lake Superior on your way back.

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