My 1980 R100 has been misbehavin' recently...Running along just fine, then the GEN light flashes brightly on and the engine begins to sputter...similar to running out of fuel. When the GEN light goes out, the engine smooths right up.

What is weird is that it can run for several hours with no issues, then I get a series of these electrical 'surges'...then it goes away and the engine runs beautifully. I have the stock ignition setup.(points in the can). This doesn't seem to be a charging issue...more that something is stealing the fire from my plugs..

? When a condenser is failing, might it show these symptoms? Or does it just quit entirely?

? If I might have a wire shorting out on an unfused circuit, could it draw enough power to pull the ignition spark down? (I have checked all the wiring under the front cover and under the tank and find no damaged wire. I have a Thunderchild diode board and all wiring is fine there?

Thanks in advance.