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    Rebuilt Title

    There is a 1973 and a half 75/5 LWB Toaster, Cafe style that is for sale that I'm looking at presently. The seller has rebuilt the bike from an accident the previous owner was in which bent the frame. It has a new frame (from a 90), a rare Reg Pridmore 840 overbore kit with Venolia 10.5:1 racing pistons and a nice muffler system. He's done other things to make it Cafe style. It's a sharp looking bike. He says its as fast as a 90 if not a little faster. Drives really nice.

    But he wants $6500 for the bike with all the original parts or $5500 as is.

    My question is: What is a fair price considering it has a rebuilt title?

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    shouldn't it be titled be for the new frame? in which case it would not be a rebuild, but whatever that frame was from. Not sure, laws varie from state to state.
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