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Thread: 85 K100RS rear main seal seating.

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    85 K100RS rear main seal seating.

    So despite wisdom to leave it alone, I went ahead and pulled the old one out. What happened next was:

    1. lots of oil started dripping out. Lesson learned, next time if I ever have to do this, do it before filling the engine with oil.
    oil gushing.jpg

    2. the new seal is different from the old one. (see pic)

    3. It's almost impossible to drive the seal while having a panic attack as oil is dripping out. And using something trying to knock the edges in didn't work for me.

    4. Then I though since the clutch bell/housing/basket/whatever you call it sits right before (see image) the rear main seal
    seal on bell.jpg

    I just placed the seal on the bell, inserted into the engine shaft and put the hex nut back and cranked to tighten. Now I have this:

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    seal lip.jpg

    But it's difficult to see, the outer seal perimeter sits about 2 mm above the engine block opening. Don had mention it should be something like 0.5mm.

    I'm wondering, since the rear main seal sits next to the bell, and having it flush to the engine is bad, what would be the problem with having it sit high?

    ANyways, I also though I can place sticky tape on the engine opening for some spacer effect and use a wood block
    spacer.jpgwood piece.jpg

    to drive the seal deeper if necessary.

    Feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cy7878 View Post
    .... what would be the problem with having it sit high?
    The seal would get ripped to shreds by the clutch pack the first time you start the engine.

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    Thank you Tim. That's what I thought after sleeping on it.... I will try to pound the seal in a little more. The sticky tape I placed is 2 layers thick, which is too much. I will try with just 1 layer and repeat the pounding...

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