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Thread: Consumer reports

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    I used to believe in Consumer Reports and trusted their reviews and ratings. It seems like they don't always do as thorough of a review or look into all aspects of the different products they're reviewing. Maybe they are now looking for money?
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    I took the survey

    I subscribe to Consumer Reports and use it as a basis for many of my purchases. I get regular emails from them and it appears they survey their subscribers for the information they publish. I took the motorcycle survey and don't remember being asked how many miles I ride in a given year or how many miles I have on my bike. I don't believe they took mileage or use into account. If you have a Yamaha R1 and only ride it on warm sunny days of course you are going to have fewer problems. My Beemer gets used several times a week in varied weather conditions and taken on long trips whenever possible. I use my bike as regular transportation whenever I can and put miles on my bike. If I put 20-30 K on my bike over a year but it's compared to someone on a different brand that my put 4 K on a bike that's the same year it is inevitable that the outcome will not be comparable. I don't believe BMWs are less reliable. I believe that the survey was flawed and that BMWs get used more. I also concur with posters who have said that BMW owners have higher expectations. For the buy in price to be a BMW owner I believe the bike should perform as advertised and if it doesn't should be corrected by the dealer while in warrantee.

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    It's just a survey nothing more.

    No doubt the folks who took part in the survey had all kinds of mileage on their bikes but when you average everything out they came up with the result they posted. I've owned all three types of bikes - Japanese, HD & BMW products and still own a BMW & HD bike. From my experience CR are not far off in their results.

    When you consider the high mileage Goldwings, ST1300's and other Japanese bikes, they would more than balance out any high mileage HD or BMW product. At least in North America when you consider market share where HD has around 50 % of the market and the Japanese bikes would be in the area of 35-40 %, that doesn't leave much more than 10-15 % for BMW and the other makes. With that low market share and then coming in 4th, it doesn't speak well for the brand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acejones View Post
    Not at all.

    Have gone thru more than a few Honda's - superior fit and finish, and FD's I can rely on.

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    There's no doubt in my mind that I bought a less reliable brand, with a sparse dealer network, and with customer support that is, well, German. But what it does for me in terms of the riding experience can't be touched by any other bike so I accept it - for now. I don't like it and I'm not going to get all fan boy delusional about it but for now I accept that it's part of the package of riding a BMW. If I wanted flawless fit and finish, reliability, and great dealer network I'd buy a soulless Honda. There's no sense arguing the survey results or report that says BMWs are less reliable but have greater owner loyalty - that makes perfect sense to me.
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    I pay about as much attention to those reports as I do to new motorcycle road tests...and we know how valid/useful the latter are.

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    I take Consumer Reports and I'll be the first to admit that at times they are as far off base as a center fielder. But what makes the article noteworthy is the fact that it was based on a survey of BMW riders. Although, I'm far from convinced that it was a scientific survey, and the squeaky wheel is heard first.

    We all know that some BMW's have had issues. With fuel strip, final drive and oil sight glass concerns, many of us are on a first name basis with our mechanics. Some of these defects come from the rapid change BMW is going through. It seems like every year they're coming out with one or two new bikes geared to a younger demographic. (And judging by some of our ages, that's a good thing.)

    Although dealers vary widely, BMW does stand behind their product, and there's nothing like the way a BMW handles. Check out the police officer pursuit video.

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    I've ridden 11 new BMW's to between 26k and 44k in the past 14 years. I've had a blown rear shock on my '09 12GS which was covered by wty. I did not take part in the survey.
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    Hi, Marty Hill. I notice that you ride a Caviga. Those are pretty rare, no?
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    Another Survey Respondent

    I'm a CR member and took the survey. I answered honestly about my K16GT. All CR has done is total the responses. Can't blame the messenger if a manufacturer skimps on engineering and testing, buys parts from the low bidder (and constantly beats on them for even lower prices), and then is slow to respond to issues when they arise.

    Read 'em and weep...
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    If I have to read one more posting about how CR rates the Pontiac Vibe poorly and it's Toyota twin much higher I'm going to throw my shoe at the monitor! It's a lie that gets repeated enough that people who have never read the mag use it as an excuse not to.
    I'm holding in my hands the 2006 copy of CR's annual auto issue. In it they rate the Vibe with an overall score of 66. The Toyota Matrix gets 67. Both of them get their Recommended check.
    I've been to CR's auto test facility on a number of occasions. I've met and spoken with the staff. For the most part they are auto enthusiasts who either tinker with odd cars on the side, or are active in some form of racing.
    Before one criticizes CR's test results, they should compare this facility, with its race course, skid pad, wet/dry braking area, rock climb hill, and numerous labs, with those of Car & Driver or Road & Track. What's that? Oh yeah, those other mags don't even have test facilities.

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    I liked the CR Article. Regardless of the merits of different brands, it is the one and only place where motorcycle reliability has ever been measured and quantified. User groups and riders are useless for this information because they can easily be biased. I can think of no other motorcycle website or magazine that has ever done a reliability survey. I use them when purchasing an automobile, and would find it useful for a motorcycle.
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    If you buy a motorcycle the way you buy a toaster, then CR is the way to go. I would buy a car on their advice (and have, and have been very satisfied, too), but a real gearhead wouldn't care about many of the issues they value highly (and vice versa).

    I've been a life long subscriber, and I take their ratings into account even if I don't agree with their viewpoint for a particular type of consumer product. I don't disbelieve their survey results, but I like BMW bikes enough to season their ratings with my opinions. For me, a motorcycle isn't like a toaster or toothpaste.
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    CR is IMHO a joke on the sheeple of this country. They don't live in the same world as I do and we don't speak the same language.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 71243 View Post
    I admit I'm nor a CR reader as a rule, just found that report odd? One gauge I use when reading evaluations anywhere is who buys/has the most advertisements within the publication. I am skeptical of most evaluations in the mainstream motorcycle mags. As such one of my favorites has been Motorcycle Consumer News. At one time it was said that they [bought] everything they compared/tested . Giving then no palm to grease.
    you will search long and hard to find an advert in CR, as well. They accept none.
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