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Thread: Cost of 36,000mi service for K1200GT

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    Question Cost of 36,000mi service for K1200GT

    I'm looking to move from an '02 1200LTc to a 08 K1200GT. This machine has 33,000 mi on it and have heard this is not your cheap date service. I'm not sure if it is a gen 2 or original GT. Lets figure there's nothing major to be replaced. If you could tell me the simple tricks for identifying what gen it is, that would be the bomb!I appreciate your help, Old Rookie

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    You have a Gen 2 series of the K12GT 2006-2008, then they upped to the K13 models around 2009

    The difference in performance between your LT and this series GT is in rocket!

    A&S cycles has a service schedule is the yearly/12K

    Call around to a few dealers and ask for cost and what is included.

    That model needs the upgraded cam chain tensioner and a cam chain jump guard installed...MAY have been done, but ask.

    The valve check is labor intensive as a lot of parts need to be removed to get to the valves.

    Somewhere is a service bulletin on recommendation to replace the cam chain and gear at 36K. I did on one of our '05's that we bought used and had the chainslap at startup even with the upgraded tensioner. It sounds like marbles hopping around in the valve cover!
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    Yup, sure does. I got lucky and can kill the slap on mine with the updated tensioner- without it, it always had chain slap for 3 seconde or so on a cold startup.

    The wedge K has approx double the cost of an R bike for all of the scheduled services. So BringMoreWallet is very appropriate here- there is almost nothing in the design that was intended to make service fast and easy except perhaps clutch access- but a new complete clutch will still cost you $2K.

    If you can do your own stuff- these are the models with big $ rewards for doing that- but it takes a bunch more time than an R bike. And a good manual....

    As far as the motor goes, the K12 brick is still my favorite BMW engine. I ride a K1200RS that runs an exhaust and a RhineWest chip and it has ample power with a sweet delivery and no vices of any kind...

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