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Thread: No more clutch! 2002 R1150RTP

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    No more clutch! 2002 R1150RTP

    Pulled into my garage after the commute home, and as I'm walking the bike around the garage, it becomes apparent my clutch won't engage. There is almost no resistance at the clutch lever. As I was trying to get the clutch to engage, a small amount of dirty black fluid began dripping from the bottom of the back of the engine case. The photos show the quantity and qualities of the fluid, and the area from where it dripped for a couple of minutes. It stopped dripping as quickly as it began. I feel blessed that this happened in my garage, and not half-way between work and home, out on the interstate! I'm also blessed to have a 2nd bike, so 'Helga' can sit around while I figure out what's wrong with her.

    She has 81,000 miles on it, but only 5,000 miles since a new clutch and a new clutch input shaft just about a year ago. What the heck is going on?
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