I just picked up a 1972 R60/5 and have a bunch of questions. I have read the forums and different sites that have helped out a lot.

My biggest question is about the clutch. This is my first old bike and the clutch is really hard to pull. After doing research I'm going to replace the clutch cable first. Before I starting chasing the geese I would like for someone to check it out and let me know what they think.

The next thing I would do would be to have the clutch splines lubed. The guy I got it from had it for 10 years and never lubed the clutch spline. But I don't want to go through that to find out it needs a clutch.

I live in in Southampton MA so anywhere in Western MA , Southern VT so anywhere in theses areas I can ride it to to have someone check it out would be great.

my email mglaiel (at) comcast (dot) net