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Thread: R 100 /7 head oil leak

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    R 100 /7 head oil leak

    I have a low mileage 78 R 100/7 that is leaking oil around the top head bolt and running down around the spark plug. I have just replaced the head gasket and retourqed the head but it is still leaking. When I installed the new gasket I put a thin coat of copper coat on it.
    Is this a cracked head, or does this year of bike have some strange quirk that I am not aware of?
    How does the oil get to the top of the head to leak at this point?

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    Although you seem to have an oily head, this thread should be posted on the Airheads forum not the Oilheads.
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    Nothing problematic with 1978 heads. well, other than the one you own.

    the rocker arm shafts need to be lubricated.
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    I vaguely remember hearing about oil around the top bolt, the one at 12 o'clock. Hard to understand how oil could get there. Could be that the head is porous or has developed some kind of crack. Since oil is coming down the top head bolts, if there was some kind of material problem, the oil could migrate sideways to the top head bolt.
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    The head gasket should be installed DRY. Clean all mating surfaces first.

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