I'm in early planning stage of a trip for next winter, will be a fly & MC rental tour of either or both of these countries. As rented MC's can cross that border it's a possible 2 country trip but I have a natural lean toward doing one country well, rather than 2 and zoom through. This also saves the extra $ for crossing paperwork from the rental company. I am looking for your experience from either place.
I'm also willing to talk about a possible ride partner/s for the trip. I'm interested in both on/off road but not out to set daily mileage records nor am I interested in "finding mud" on purpose. I do like to get off the beaten path. I'm a lifelong rider & have toured in Mexico extensively so certainly not my 1st trip but I've never been to SA. Both countries are safe these days & economical destinations with good roads & much scenery & varied topography. You can expect that if you were to partner with me the trip will cost far less than the tour group affairs. I have no interest in large group tours, just not my style. My dates can flex but have been pricing air tics using 1/13/14-2/03/14 & am willing for a bit longer. best to avoid Easter because of Latin travelers & Christmas is off limits for me.
Two websites I'm viewing are www.motolombia.com for Columbia & www.freedombikerental.com for Ecuador, both of which have good reviews on ADV. www.ridetheworld.com has a worldwide MC rental listing too. While I've also considered Chile & Peru and they certainly are on my list I lean toward the others this time around. This last several days of snow sure has me thinking about next winters ride!