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Thread: A couch for a European traveler needed this summer.

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    A couch for a European traveler needed this summer.

    Hi all, Friend of mine is planing to travel across US and Canada this summer and I'm looking for a safe place for her to crash overnight.
    She will be traveling alone so "SAFE" is the key. I know there is allot good folks out there who will spare couch to a traveler just like I would do.
    The route is not fully set yet but almost complete, I will keep updates coming.

    She is a 27 year old and love to travel, lives in Warsaw Poland. She rode across Europe with a friend on a little 125cc Suzuki's and now the big continent got her going forward.
    As at now I can't say what motorcycle she will be riding on but soon we will get the official info.

    What I'm asking for:
    Would you spare a couch in exchange of great travel story?

    If you can help please reply with you Zip and we will add you to the route map, I will get the official route soon for everyone.

    Also feel free to pm me.

    Ride Safe, Martin

    Here is a pic of her after completing European tour.


    Here is a updated map of the ride, I'm not sure if it is in alphabetic order but those are the points of interest.

    Veronika landed April 23 2014 in New York and curently traveling south west on the roads of Jersey and Virginias.

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