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    New member, swoods1

    Just joined up with MOA and am getting ready for the 2013 riding season here in Central British Columbia.
    Bought an new battery and would like advice on resetting or the process of starting up the bike after replacing a battery.
    Ride a K1200 GT, 2006.
    Appreciate any hints or advice out there.
    The BMW is a bit more sofiticated than my past ride, a 1999 Concours.

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    Welcome to the club.

    There should not be much needed with just a new battery. The bike computer(s) will likely be off of the correct date, but all that will affect is the service reminders. The adaptations (the computers memory of variables in the operating parameters) may also be lost, but that will just mean the bike will be back to original conditions and will re-learn as you go forward. Likely you will not even notice it.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    Welcome to the club and forum!

    I think you will find no shortage of help and advice here. Get posting and ask questions!

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    I don't know about K bikes, but assume it would be the same as my 2005 R1200rt. When you put in a new battery, or have to disconnect and reconnect for any reason, turn on the ignition, but don't start the bike. Turn the throttle slowly all the way to open and close two or three times. Shut off the igntion, turn on the ignition, then start her up and ride.
    2005 R1200RT

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