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Thread: 2012 rt vs 2013 gsa

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    2012 rt vs 2013 gsa

    Any feed back on the difference on how the two differ when riding on the interstate,the ride quality and how they run,I understand that they are two different motorcycles the rt just doesn't do it for me its just OK but haven't ridden the adventure,any feed back would be appreciated !

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    Not to be a dick, but ride the GSA and find out for yourself. Two completely different animals. I was convinced I wanted the GSA, but after riding the RT, discovered I was getting old an the additional creature comforts of the RT sold me (cruise, heated seats/grips, electric shield, etc.). The GSA is a great all-arounder to be sure, but the RT was made with long distance touring in mind.
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    The GSA has better ergonomics for tall folks and if you are going to ride dirt roads, the GSA is the better choice.
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    OldSpice had some great advice. This is way too subjective a call for anyone else to make for you. A test ride is in order.
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    +1. We've had GS, GSAs, RTs and Rs in the garage. We currently have a pair of 2012s, one GS and one R. Despite having the same engine platform, the models are all completely different animals. You need to test ride them for yourself. You are the only one that can decide.

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    I'm with Oldspice's opinion. ...
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    You've got to ride a GS.

    I can tell you that I hated my RT so much that I traded it for a GS/A after 4 months. The GS/A is, for me, a better long-distance tourer and a better bike for carving up corners than the RT could ever hope to be.

    But again, it's about what you like, not what I like.

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    RT vs. GSA

    I agree with all the above. I rode an RT for 15 years and developed a knee problem due to age and I am 6' 3". I was told by many that the GSA would stretch out my legs. I thought it was a sales pitch. I ride a GSA now and am more comfortable and I feel like it is quicker handling than the RT and just as comfortable on the slab. But like all the comments..go ride them..any good dealer would let you test drive both bikes for a few hours.

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    2013 gsa 90th anniverisy

    I understand its a personal preference and after owning two rt s the gsa was my choice, went for the 90th anniversery addition,added some goodies on it and picking it tomorrow the day before a major snow storm. Thanks for all the input just wanted to hear from someone who has owned both and it just feels a lot better has a giant cool factor to it!

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    Congratulations on your new 2013 GSA especially being the 90th anniversary edition = Very Nice !

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    Congratulations on the new '13

    Would love to see pictures. I have a 90th anniversary on hold at my dealer. Love the looks. Was a little hesitant about buying an air/oil cooled bike with the water cooled Adventure on the horizon. But I think I've convinced myself it is wise to let the new platform age a bit before diving in.
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    90th anniv

    I rode both at the dealer yesterday the new wc1200 is an animal! But being still new and not having the adventure out yet,setting side by side l liked the adventure myself maybe a couple of years down the road I'll trade up but for now I'll stick with the adventure

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