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Thread: Do we need yet another forum?

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    Do we need yet another forum?

    How about "Sick Bay"?

    It seems that we've got a few threads going in Campfire right now related to medical issues, i.e. colonoscopies, knee surgeries, hip replacements...etc. etc.

    I mean, all us old farts DO talk about this stuff around rally campfires, that's for sure.

    Good Luck and Get Well Soon to all those that are going to have surgery and/or some medical procedure.
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    This could be a scene from any number of local club meetings!
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    I'd just as soon see "tattoos" in a forum of their own, too, but I can just move to the next campfire.
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    Well I've had my colon scope last July(looks good in there says he ), annual cardiologist visit,(hello, how are you,fine, bye-$100 please) & my kidney test(more $$$& OK) & told the pulmonologist (3 sleep tests & more$$$) I simply cannot wear the damned mask so- hello,goodbye, lots more $$$$ & I don't have prostate issue per blood test ,knock on wood. I used to know this neighbor lady, next farm over, that her best friend traveled all over the country trying out "good fortune tellers"(really there is such a thing?) she'd heard about and looking out for her future ? Maybe a Horoscope forum filled with good cheerful stuff?
    So, no Sick Bay needed here! Maybe a "Cabin Fever" forum? :
    I've got strawberry plants taking up too much space in my fridge,seed taters in the cellar, done making maple syrup(was a good year!) wife's complaining about the high electric bill (shop heater!$!$! & bike projects all winter) and I'm ready to ride & there's a new snow on in KY. Pretty snow but crimps my style...
    If you want to read about prostate, go to Snowbum it's his other specialty besides beemers.
    "If I had my life to live over, I'd dare to make more mistakes next time...I'd relax,I'd limber up... I would take fewer things seriously...take more chances... take more trips...climb more mountains...swim more more ice cream." Jorge Luis Borges at age 85.

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    As we say in Minnesota,

    "That's interesting."

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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