Had her now 5+ years and almost at the century mark on the odometer now. This has been "one" of my best ever BMWs and I keep her going a while yet, maybe 2-3 more years+... One other I have rode over the century mark is my R100/7 at 388000m now, so the GSA1200 comes second in this category, with half a dozen ridden to the 90000+ mark then sold. The GSA has seen lots of dirt and street, taking much abuse and always stands up tall to all of it. Still a TON of fun to ride anywhere and very comfy. ANY FELLOW odometer "Centurions" on GSAs out there have good bikes to mention? I think this bike has gotten BETTER with miles added, powerful as ever, handles extremely well with Ohlin's now and a very smooth toy indeed. I hope it continues. Do my own service; No oil usage and no valve adjusts needed when checked, so the engine keeps its stride/ages well. Thinking of changing my second alternator belt now, but the first one came off at 48000m looking new. Using Techron once or twice a year seems to keep the fuel system top notch too. Randy