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Thread: Motorcycle security on a trip?

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    Pic of room with bike in it

    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    I'm not sayin, but there's always.. .. .


    Hard to do with a boxer OR if you are not on ground level! hehehe

    I have actually had the desk attendant tell me that NO ONE was permitted to take their bike in their room!!

    By the way, the pic shows the bike in the room. Which one of you gets the bed?

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    Park in gear in a well-lit area, put a Kryptonite disc lock on the front wheel with reminder cable to the clutch grip, and then cover the bike after locking the fork and keeping the key with you.

    99% of thefts are opportunistic and rely on minimum fuss and time. Make it even a little 'inconvenient' and you discourage most thieves.

    Enjoy a good night's slumber and keep your life both safe and simple!
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    I think you've already taken the two most important steps to avoid theft...R100/7 and K100RS.
    Howard Edwards

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    Cutting a Cable

    I agree bolt type cutters do not work well on cables, however a 4" cut off wheel in a battery powered drill will make short work of your cable. Plus a battery powered drill makes little noise. I cover my RT just for the sake of out of sight out of mind, so far so good.
    Gene T

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    Well, I have been riding for over 45 years, parked my bikes every kind of place. Taking a few common sense precautions on parking spot selections, like the ones that have been mention here, I have had no trouble. I have camped and traveled and been with hundreds of other riders, never known one to get his scoot stolen while touring.

    I have had more problems from critters than I ever have had with people. I was more lucky than my buddy when on a tour in about 1975; my bike is in the background and got left alone by the raccoons this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martyhill View Post
    I...don't think people steal BMW's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    I'm not sayin, but there's always.. .. .

    Ha! Always the best security. Rode my '76 Honda XL350 Enduro cross country (FL to TX) in 1977 (with stock knobbies), making sure it was tucked in the motel room each night with me. Helpful tip: Always let it cool down BEFORE you bring it in the room. Otherwise you're sleeping with hot engine/gas fume remnants the rest of the night LOL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dwestly View Post
    ...Always let it cool down BEFORE you bring it in the room. Otherwise you're sleeping with hot engine/gas fume remnants the rest of the night LOL.
    I usually room with my buddy and his fume remnants are far worse than that of an engine!
    Rob C. , Raleigh, NC
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmylee View Post
    My son and I are planning a trip in May (each on our own separate motorcycle - I have an R100/7 and son has a K100RS).

    My question is this. How do all of you make sure that your motorcycles are not stolen - like at motels or when you have to leave them in a public parking lot while you go do or see something?

    I was thinking of a cable-type strap (like what bicyclists use, but much heavier duty) and run through one or both of the wheels and around center stand so that it can not be folded back up - making the bikes hard to drag or roll.

    What do all of you use?

    Thanks in advance!
    Who would want to steal a BMW anyways,most people don't know what they are??!!
    OR the're to ugly to steal! The're brittish are'nt they anyways?
    I've never ever taken the keys out of my ignition at any bmw rally ever FWIW
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    I simply avoid stopping/staying places where I believe my motorcycle is at risk of theft.

    Sure, it can happen anywhere but some places the risk is large and other places the risk is miniscule. I prefer the latter.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    I've never even locked my forks on either my RT1200 or the R60/6...
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    Been in a couple places that if I could have got the bike in the room I would have
    Always lock the forks, remove tempting items and lastly cover the bike
    Read somewhere that covering the bike is the best thief pervention on the road

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    Put a bike cover on it.

    Preferrably one with a Roundel or least "BMW."
    Kent Christensen
    '12 R1200RT, '02 R1100S, '84 R80G/S

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    A Trunk Monkey looks like the hot set up!

    "It is what you discover, after you know it all, that counts." _ John Wooden
    Lew Morris
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lmo1131 View Post
    A Trunk Monkey looks like the hot set up!

    So, will a Trunk Monkey fit in my top case?

    A good friend of mine had his '82 GS750 stolen a quite a few years back by a local punk. The frustrating thing for my friend, Ron, was that he spotted the thief riding it a couple of times, but could never catch him. The local LEOs had it on their hot sheets too, but never found the guy. Ron finally recovered the bike when he spotted it slung from the back end of a tow trunk. He followed the driver to the tow yard and explained the situation. Apparently, the thief had wrecked the bike by crashing it in a ditch. Forks and front wheel were messed up pretty good.

    I recently ask Ron two questions. One, did he use the fork lock? "No, there was never a need too before." The second question was if he had any knowledge if the thief was injured when he wrecked bike. "I hope so." was Ron's reply.
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