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Thread: Motorcycle security on a trip?

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    A spare

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul_F View Post
    A friend always did that as well. He never had a problem, except in Yellowknife NWT. Someone removed the keys, not the bike. Cost him a $100 to have a locksmith make him a new key. Despite that, that didn't stop him from leaving the keys in the ignition.
    I carry two spares because of this. Mine has been removed twice; both times by well-meaning friends. Of course they were not around when I was ready to ride; spares take care of that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JIMMYLEE View Post
    My son and I are planning a trip in May (each on our own separate motorcycle - I have an R100/7 and son has a K100RS).

    My question is this. How do all of you make sure that your motorcycles are not stolen - like at motels or when you have to leave them in a public parking lot while you go do or see something?

    Hi, I use the same method you did, I bought a BMW.

    Nobody steals it, sometimes they feel sorry for me and leave cash on the seat so I can buy a real bike

    Regards, Rod.

    P.S. Seriously, the only thing I do is take the tank bag off at night,
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    Quote Originally Posted by martyhill View Post
    That does it! I'm never going to TLH again on my BMW.
    Marty, you can park it at my house...........
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