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Thread: Bosch spark plug question

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    For several of my past bikes, and my present 1150, NGK plugs have always surpassed Bosch for performance and longevity. My local O'Reilly Auto Parts can get them in two days (and they appreciate that I'll pay in advance just to prove that I really want them and I'll be back to pick them up).
    I've posted these charts before, but the recent forum upgrade may have nuked 'em, so here ya go.
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    still confused about which ngk?

    If you go to the ngk website, and look for bmw, 900cc it will recommend BP6ES plugs. Seems a perfect match according to the charts in the previous reply.
    I have used them since 1975 when Bosch plugs were not available with no problems.
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    I've used thes guys before for lots of plugs

    They even list a number of different plugs for me trusty steed!

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