As you Solstace Riders know there was a very good possibility that I was going to take one in the rear from good old Indiana University. Well I am, without lube or the decency of a reach-around. I talked to the head of the choral department yesterday and he said that I would not be released from the performance that falls on the same day as the Track Day. I tried my best, and did about everything short of pulling a knife, but it just isn't going to happen. I'm going to find out if I can get a refund or not. Oh and here's the kicker, for this damn 1.5 hour symphony, the choir sings for the last 15 minutes. Yep I tried to get to be able to show up last minute for the performance, and they wouldn't go for that one either. It is not a happy day here in beautiful Southern Indiana.
But life will go on, and to help with the healing, I'm open to suggestions from you, my friends on the forum as to how I can be a holy terror during the performance and rehearsal process. I was thinking game boy during the performance, maybe I'll add some choreography, or just sing really off key really loud. What think you?