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Thread: Happy Birthday PAULBACH!

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    Happy Birthday PAULBACH!

    What a great guy.
    Miss you, buddy!

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    Yes. We sure do!

    Live fully. Laugh deeply. Love widely.
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    Paul B - Remembering

    Just a reminder that the MOA Foundation has created the PaulB Memorial Scholarship Fund. Any donation is welcome, but those individuals or clubs who want to remember either Paul or another rider who contribute $500 or more, get their information engraved on the plaque in the MOA headquarters. What better time to remember Paul than on his birthday.

    The fund goes toward rider education, and scholarships were awarded for the first time this year.

    Paul was certainly a force within our family. We in Vermont miss him and think of him often, as do many others with the MOA and RA. His family is always touched when she knows he is not forgotten.

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    Thanks for the post. Paul and I spent many mornings trading PMs about some article or issue of the day. For all the impersonal nature of the internet/social media sites etc which supposedly keep us connected I really enjoyed meeting a friend on the forum from the right coast and having him pop into the Fly-Over-Land inner sanctum for morning coffee. It was a rich and warm way to start a day.

    (can you have a post about PaulB without an emoticon?)
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    Would have been 71 today. Paul was the inspiration and initial co-conspirator for our little Salty Fog Riders Rally. He is and will continue to be missed by many. I still come across his early emails to me. Each year at our rally we set out an empty seat with his name on it.

    To Paul..... ! - Bob and Mary
    Bob Weber
    Larry's River, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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    Paul was always one of the first to offer birthday greetings. There probaby weren't very many folks he didn't interact with.

    Godspeed, Paul, wherever you are.
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    I miss him, he was a good friend I'd pal at Rallies with, over photos.
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    Miss you, buddy.
    Salty Fog Rally 2007, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014 And DRAT! Missed the last one in 2015!

    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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    He was a neat person and I'm glad to at least have had the chance to meet him.

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    Good man.

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    Hardly a day still goes by without some thought or memory of my friend Paul. I really miss him. When I ride, I still know he is with me. I found these words of comfort that eases each day.............

    Just because you cannot see me,
    does not mean I an not there.
    Just because I am in heaven,
    does not mean I do not care.

    I often see you crying,
    you often say my name,
    I want to hold you tight,
    I want to ease your pain.

    It's easy for me,
    for I know heaven is real,
    If you knew the truth,
    how much better would you feel.

    One day we will meet again,
    but only when the time is right,
    when you step out of the darkness,
    I will be standing in the light.

    Shared with the permission of John F Connor

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