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Thread: DIY Addendum - Air Filters on K1300S

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    DIY Addendum - Air Filters on K1300S

    I sold my K1300S a couple weeks ago, but just before I did, I changed the air filters following Semper-Fi's DIY. I found it was MUCH simpler on the S. For one thing, the computer is not in the way of either side. I simply removed the belly pan, then side panels and had immediate access to the airbox snorkels. I was actually able to pull them outward far enough to remove the filters without actually removing the snorkel. However, getting to the nipple to lube it was difficult, so I went ahead and removed the snorkels and lubed the rubber grommet and nipple, then reinstalled with the new filter. Total time was about one hour as I recall. New filter on the left, 22,232 miles on the old one.
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