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Thread: R75/6 Front Brake Failure

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    R75/6 Front Brake Failure

    Started a commute, front brake felt a little soft, lever going closer to handgrip than usual, figured it was an adjustment, brake still strong enough. Leaving that day, brake almost gone, and was non-existent by the time I got home. Zero el front brake-o. Where to start first? Thanks in advance for any replies.
    R75/6, Non functioning 2014 FJR1300A

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    Check for brake fluid in under-tank reservoir. Watch the brake hose going from master cylinder to the caliper...does it balloon when you apply pressure? Old rubber hoses can break down over the years. Consider replacement...people like the stainless steel lines, but a good OEM rubber hose can last 30 years.

    Most likely, the seals inside the master cylinder have failed due to corrosion which ends up tearing at the rubber parts. When you squeeze the handle, instead of the fluid being pushed to the caliper, the fluid just goes past the rubber seals, resulting in no brakes. If that's the case, you'll need to pull the master cylinder and inspect. If the pitting is too bad, you'll either need to buy a replacement or find a company that can resleeve it.

    Be careful with the brake can do nastly things to paint and other bike parts.
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