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Thread: brake pad squeal

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    brake pad squeal

    I rebuilt my master cylinder, wheel cylinders and replaced the front brake pads with Ferodo155 pads. After 20 or 30 miles it developed a squeal at about 10-15 mph down to a stop. I removed them cleaned discs with scotchbrite pad and brake cleaner. I roughed up the pads and reinstalled them with pad grease on the back. After another 20 or 30 miles, squeal was back and after 500 miles it's getting worse. Is there anything else I can try? Is it the pads?

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    Hi, I had the same problem

    Happened to me when I changed to new pads on a used bike I bought years ago. It wasn't squealing until I put the new ones on. I tried the grease on the back of the pads and cleaning the disc but it did not help. A mechanic friend told me that my disc might be warped. I told him it wasn't squealing before I changed the pads. He told me that my old pads were to worn to know the difference. Sure enough, I had it checked and it was warped. I took one off another spare bike and put it on and it didn't squeal from then on. He also told me that putting a slight chamfer on the edge of the pads sometimes works.

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    What about the fact that the new pads are not bedded in...they're riding on the small ridges on the disk...could be this will go away when the pads form to the old disk.
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    Try doing several "hard" stops with the bike. I'll bet that cures it. It will also help to bed your new pads.

    Back when I was selling Mercedes Benz, we would have owners come into the service department with the same complaint on a car they had purchased 2 weeks before.
    Time and time again you could take the car out and do 2-3 panic stops and the squeal would be gone. Usually it was a matter of "training" the driver to use their brakes a little
    harder when coming to a stop. After time, it was discovered that people who had the driving habit of braking very gently were typically the ones who came in with the complaint.

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    I put some orange goo, ( I think it is called brake quiet ) on the back of the pads and never have a problem.

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