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    My MOTOPORT jacket and pants arrived today exactly two weeks after ordering, outstanding quality and fit
    Thanks for great service Motorport

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    I've had my jacket & pants for about a year....amazing quality & construction!!!
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    Ok you guys, I have been lurking around for months trying to decide on warm weather riding gear. I had decided to purchase Olympia gear. I liked the look and the price. I thought the protection looked to be adequate.

    Then, I stumbled across Motoport gear. I have read weeks worth of material on the different forums and testimonials. They are not stylish but either am I. The price is expensive. Protection appears to be better than most. I'm not sure what I am going to do? I was about ready to post on the forum and ask for advise? Since you guys just made a purchase, what made you pick Motoport gear? What style of jacket and pants did you get? Did you get the basics or did you customize?


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    I've had my gear for about 2 years and will never go back. It'll last forever. Ride into the shop (by appointment) and Wayne will give you a tour you'll never forget.

    Gear is worth every penny.

    Happy Customer is all I am.
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    I too just got my set of stretch kevlar pants, and jacket. After many years of dirt bike riding and crashing, I totally believe that a little money spent up front for the very best in protective gear is money very well spent. I never like crashing, but it does happen. From all the research I did Motoport looked like some of if not the best for protection. I hope i don't have to give a testimonial of how good it is, but if I do I feel confident their product will do well. I had several calls back to be sure of mesurement as they were concerned to make my jacket and pants to fit right. Was pretty impressed with the sincere concern to do a good job. I am still getting used to the thickness of the padding ( I opted for the quad 4 padding) but only have a few rides as it is still cold and wet herein the Willamette Valley in Oregon right now.

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    Beemergirl is right on. I have a BMW jacket and pants never happy with quality, zipper issues. Bit the bullet after lurking for some time on motorsports Webb site. Lots of local PD's are buying their gear because of the protection it provides. Went to San Marcos and got fitted, impressed with their factory and the quality of their product. Expensive yes, but worth the price.

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    I started wearing Motoport riding gear in the spring of 2006. Mine is mesh jacket and pants. 100,000 miles later it still looks good. Back in '07 while riding at about 30 mph on a gravel road in Colorado, I had a low side. I ended up with a tiny bruise, about the size of the tip of my baby finger on my hip. I walked away with no pain. The damage to the gear was so slight, that if I don't show it to people, it is never noticed by others. I am very pleased with Motoport's gear.

    The jacket and pant gortex liners zip into the suit. However, I quickly found it much easier to not zip in the gortex pant liner. I simply wear the pant liners and then put the riding pants over the gortex. One issue that I haven't gotten used to is the bulk of the suit; fine when riding but a bit awkward to store in the bike when you wish to leave it behind. One of my son's say's I'm twice the man when I ride (referring to the bulk ).

    Don't know when I will need to replace mine, but when the time comes, I will get another Motoport riding suit.
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