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Thread: Where is this oil coming from? Timing chain cover, 1987 K75C

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    Where is this oil coming from? Timing chain cover, 1987 K75C

    I have oil lining the top and bottom edges of my timing chain cover. There's more on the bottom than the top.

    In the pic, you can see the black oil/dirt buildup on the two slanted faces at the top and bottom of the cover. (Ignore the drippy-looking dirt on the face of the cover at the right. I dribbled some gas when removing the tank this weekend.)

    Several months ago I replaced the crankcase cover gasket, along with the rubber bushings on the bolts. I do see some apparent weeping from the bottom front of the crankcase cover area, not shown. But I don't think it's enough to explain all of this, and certainly not the stuff on top.

    I know the oil pump is leaking some coolant and oil from the weep hole at the bottom. I expect the seals and associated bits to arrive tomorrow, for replacement this weekend.

    Could this buildup be related to the oil pump? And/or, can the timing chain cover develop a leak?
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