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    Here is the message

    I can't believe it; I actually have been sent a message that accuses me of bringing up something that is based on Rumor, not FACT.

    Here is the email we got from MOA:

    "Dear BMW MOA Chartered Club Leaders,

    As the 41st Annual BMW MOA "Beemers, Bigfoot and Blue Skies" International Rally returns us to the fantastic roads of the Great Northwest, Chartered Club Recognition Awards are expected to be highly valued and contested. To assure a fair accounting for these awards we will be asking Chartered Club Leaders to assist their clubs by bringing along some basic club information verify your standings.

    For the "Largest Chartered Club at the Rally," "Club with Largest Percentage of Members at the Rally," and "Largest Virtual or Special Interest Chartered Club," we ask that you or your representative bring along a current roster of your club's Members in Good Standing, along with a "sign in" list of members present. (That roster can be either in hard copy or "memory stick" type formats.) We also encourage you to let your members know that they will need to "sign in" with you during the Rally. Since administration of these awards will not be done during registration, this data will have to be brought to the Awards Booth (in the BMW MOA Building) by 1:00 pm on Saturday of the rally. A comparison of the two lists will stand as a verification of your club's entry for validation by the Awards Committee.

    Yes, we do understand that this is laying yet another burden on your leadership responsibilities, but we want to insure a fair accounting for these prestigious awards.

    Along those lines, we ask that you remind your members that they will also need to register at the Awards Booth for the other awards. Appropriate documentation will be necessary when they apply for their award. That documentation could be as simple as your driver‘«÷s license and motorcycle registration, or a copy of the birth certificate for an unlicensed passenger (other documents to prove age for children can be documents such as library cards, school ID, passport or something that has their name and birth date on it). The ‘«£good‘«ō thing is that we will be using Google Maps as our standard for mileage awards. For Tour Awards, appropriate gas or lodging receipts, local rally registrations, or even those certificates of speedometer calibration issued by law enforcement agencies will do the trick. A GPS that tracks distances will be accepted with receipts proving key points.

    Your cooperation will go far in assuring the accuracy of the awards presentations and your leadership credibility within your Chartered Club. Earning an award at this years‘«÷ BMW MOA ‘«£Beemers, Bigfoot and Blue Skies‘«ō Rally in Salem, OR., will be an honor like no other. Individual awards lend validation to your accomplishment, and Club awards attest to the camaraderie in your group worthy of bragging about!

    Thank you for your support and dedication to your club,

    Don Hamblin

    Awards Co-Chair,

    41st Annual BMW MOA "Beemers, Bigfoot and Blue Skies" International Rally"

    Your own clubs either are NOT reading their email or are not communicating well.

    I posted this initial topic here, to inform those affected, as well as into the private "presendential" section of the MOA forums, so that that clubs could potentially discuss this. We Can Be Part Of The Solution, if you would let us. But that topic was removed, so instead of this discussion being amongst the clubs, I suppose it is up to the members, who belong to various clubs by choice, to address these issues with the MOA at large.

    No good deed goes unpunished, as they say.
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