The Chromeheads Motorcycle Club #274 received the email regarding how to manage proof for Virtual Club membership for the rally attendance award.

I'm not certain we all understand what "virtual" really means in this context.

"bring along a current roster of your club's Members in Good Standing"

We don't have club meetings or charge for membership, so "good standing" for us means, you created a user name for the forums and we didn't kick you out and delete your username (= Troll). If you are participating, you are a member. But, we don't require a log in just to view the forum. So, if you are even interested, you are welcome.

Isn't that the point of "increasing your membership" and "encouraging others" and all the other buzzwords that we are trying to accomplish?

"We also encourage you to let your members know that they will need to "sign in" with you during the Rally. Since administration of these awards will not be done during registration, this data will have to be brought to the Awards Booth (in the BMW MOA Building) by 1:00 pm on Saturday of the rally. A comparison of the two lists will stand as a verification of your club's entry for validation by the Awards Committee."

MOA gets the registration form where an attendee lists if they are affiliated with MOA, a local club, a virtual club, etc. Does this mean every club, virtual or not, needs to staff the Registration tent with someone during all open hours, to be available to checkmark who arrived at the rally? Why do you need to compare two lists?

"Yes, we do understand that this is laying yet another burden on your leadership responsibilities, but we want to insure a fair accounting for these prestigious awards."

I think this concept for accounting is nonsensical.

Anyone who shows up and lists that they are a "member" of a virtual club should not need any verification. We are "virtual" because we are on the web. In our case, we are open to anyone.

You are overlooking the first FACT: They have chosen to attend the BMW MOA Rally.

You are overlooking the second FACT: The fact that they bother to list a virtual club at all is an indication that they are "one of us" as well as one of anything else they want to list. We are not a secret society and neither is MOA.

You are overlooking a third FACT: If the rally was ONLY open to MOA members, it would be a different situation.

How can you constantly support and encourage growth and participation, and then impose some sort of identification verification process? Virtual Club members are pretty much self-defining.

You are penalizing a functioning aspect of the Virtual Club-as-Charter Club process. Don't tease us with potential recognition of our success and then make it impossible for us to enter the playing field.

The Chromeheads Motorcycle Club #274

Bloomsburg PA:
Largest Virtual or Special Interest Club
1. #274 Chromeheads...................................76
2. #329 Veteran BMW Riders..........................39
3. #264 BMW Road Animals Touring Society......34
4. #650 The Chain Gang................................26