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Thread: New Member Shipping Bike to UK

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    New Member Shipping Bike to UK

    Greetings! I'm getting ready to ship my bike to the UK via Schumacher Cargo Logistics from LA. My intention is to tour the UK and parts of Western Europe for four to five months and then ship the bike home. The shipping price is less than $500 but I have been told that the Taxes, duties,Custom Inspections, Destination Customs Clearance, port charges and unloading charges could add up to an additional 300 to 400 UK Pounds ($450 to $600). Anyone having experiences with this or who knows more about the procedures please let me know. Sent to Thanks

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    Shipping Bike to UK

    I've no personal experience with this but try this link. These folks seem to be experts at this sort of thing. I did meet a couple who were part of the HU family last summer on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria BC. They'd shipped their GSA from Canada to Europe and Austrialia.

    Klick on the "Get Ready" tab and it'll open up all the pertinent info, paper work, carnet, shipping options, duties etc.

    Good luck. I hope to do this myself soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckmcgee View Post
    Greetings! I'm getting ready to ship my bike to the UK via Schumacher Cargo Logistics from LA.
    Just saw that you're in Idaho. It costs $1272 to ship a F650GS twin weighing less then 500 pounds from Vancouver to London Heathrow via Air Canada.

    Granted that's a lot more then by cargo but the advantage is you and your bike arrive at the same time. Nor do you have to give up the bike for a month while it travels by ship. Apparently you show up at AC Cargo in Heathrow with a couple of litres of gas and your paper work, clear customs and off you go. No large fees, longshoremen benevolent funds to pay into or anything like that.

    I read on the HU site where lots of riders from the USA have been riding north to Canada to fly their bikes overseas because the post 911 restrictions in Canada are not as stringent as they are in the US.

    You could ride from Boise ride up to Calgary and have the bike flown to the UK from Canada. Just some thinking outside of the box.


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