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Thread: Swingarm Bearings R75/6 1976

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    Swingarm Bearings R75/6 1976

    The "bushing" shown in the attached photo was in backwards from what is noted in the manual. According to the manual the "cap" is supposed to be behind the oil seal. Mine was definately on the outside when it came apart. Did they actually do it both ways or does anyone think mine might have been put together wrong by some PO? I will have plenty of additional questions as I make my way through this project. Thanks.
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    take a look at this picture

    Hope these pictures are helpful.
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    OK, now I see what the "cap" is. This seems similar to the "top hat" that is used as part of the wheel bearing stack. As for the wheel bearing top hat, it's been said that the orientation doesn't make much difference. The only critical issue with the top hat is the length of it as it must be dimensionally correct to provide the right preload. If the top hat is turned so that the flange is inside the seal, it won't come loose and fly around the garage when the wheel is removed. That was the only advantage.

    I suspect the same applies here with the swingarm set up.
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    I cannot tell if this is the same as mine or not. I will take mine the rest of the way apart and compare. It looks like you have a bushing on each side of the outer (of 2, I assume) bearings? Thanks.

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