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Thread: Best service manual for 2010+ R1200RT?

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    Best service manual for 2010+ R1200RT?

    I'm a DIYer to the extent possible and so will need a service manual. I see Clymer does not offer one but Haynes does, details HERE. Does BMW offer a manual or CD? Can't seem to find it. Has anyone used the Haynes?
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    I purchased the factory CD before the first 6K service. Then waited for the Haynes when it came available for my '09 RT several years later.
    The factory CD is good and I have printed off procedures as needed and put them in a binder.
    Haynes has good additional info, like how to do things on the cheep, as improvising special tools.

    Good wrenching,

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    After 2010 Rseries manuals

    I have an 2012 R1200RT myself. I had the dealer tender the factory DVD It is quite excellant and complete.
    Though one has to run it on a PC to use it. I'm not smart enough to print pages from a DVD to be honest. If your not super experienced some procedures do assume you've been to the factory school.
    I found the Haynes manual a mite to generic and completly lacking in good tech tips and all important stuff like dealing with the Canbus etc. But I like being able to write things in a book so I kept it.
    The tutorials at this site are really really good. I have heard good reports on the DIY CDs available as well. Really for the "easy stuff" that one should perform for ones self on a motorcycle, I advise just using the tutorials on this site, bolstered by the factory DVD if desired. If it helps, I find the R1200RT just as easy to work on as my old Airhead just some different tools required so don't be intimidated.
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    I have the Haynes manual..(got it off of Amazon cheap when it was first available from England, price seems to have "creaped up") but for routine maintenance JVB Productions DVD along with any tutorials here and a few videos on YouTube seem to cover the gamut. I like having the manual just so I could read up on everything on the bike.. but not necessary unless you plan on tackling something BIG on the bike...
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    A question to you experts. I just order my 2013 R1200RT and am a CNC machinest. I can do some of the common stuff but am leary to touch the fancy electronics.
    To maintain the bike and not void the warranty, how to I document the normal 600 mi and other normal procedures? What records do I need to keep to cover my butt with the warranty?

    Thank you all in advance.

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    Usually keep good records of what you bought to use for the services that you perform.
    Also try to keep documentation of miles and when you performed the service.
    It is really not that difficult. I do most of my own.


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    JVB productions dvd's are about all I need for my 2010 RT. Anything more than that, I'll end up at the dealer.
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