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Thread: Tires... again... (sorry)

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    Tires... again... (sorry)

    Sorry to start yet another tire wear thread, but I have a slightly different question:

    I have a 2000 R1100R with a Metzeler Z6 in front (since 8k, bike now at 13k) and an older Z4 in the back (was on bike when I bought it last Oct with 7.8k). When I do a long stretch of highway (few hours) at say 80-85 MPH I've noticed that the front tire has a layer of small rolls of rubber debris on it afterwards. Is this normal (read: 'common'), or does this mean that the tire gets too hot? Or could something else be wrong? Pressure is about OK I think (I guess @ 36 psi). The rear tire doesn't seem to do this (=@ about 40 psi).

    The main reason I'm asking is that I don't want the tire to fail, but I guess that it must also wear rapidly under these circumstances. What's a good tire pressure f/r for me plus some lugguage (say ~200 lbs, that is me + the lugguage)? Any input much appreciated...


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    I am running Z6's on my 02RT and have not had this problem. I am running 40PSI front and 42PSI. I am at 10K miles on them at the moment and have been happy with them.

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