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Thread: 650CS Center Stand Issues

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    650CS Center Stand Issues

    My wife, 5'4" and petite wants to buy a 650CS after seeing one at the Chicago bike show in February. She could not get the scooter up on its center stand and I would like to know if anyone else had had the issue. The bike was on a carpet, and the BMW sales associate tried unsuccessfully to help. Anyone have any suggestions before we buy the bike. She is dead set on owning on.

    2012 K1600GTL

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbernel View Post
    Anyone have any suggestions before we buy the bike. She is dead set on owning on.

    2012 K1600GTL
    This should not be a deal breaker. Just have her use the sidestand, and when the centerstand needs to be used, do it for her.
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    Also, make sure the side stand isn't down when you try. The rear wheel is locked when it's down, making it much harder to get on the center stand.

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    I have found the GT much easier to get on the center stand than the Burgman Ex. Good advice above. Here is how I generally do it. Side stand down...dismount on left side. Get into position and grab the left (rear) brake lever and the passanger grab bar. Kick the side stand up releasing the auto brake. Get your right foot on the center stand lever. Then comes "The Move" one motion...release the rear brake lever...stand on the center stand lever...pull up on the left grip and the passanger grab.

    This has been working well for me but it does take some effort, coordination and practice. I would suggest acting as "spotter" the first few times!

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    All the above posts, especially side stand up. My wife is sized challenged and had some difficulty with center stand till she changed hard sole hiking boots, tennis shoes are way to flexible in the sole( plus being unsafe for riding)
    Make sure bike is vertical with both center stand legs touching and it goes up easily

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    If your wife is comfortable with the seat height, she should go for it. I wouldn't worry about the center stand. The only time I use the center stand on my Burgman is when I change oil or wash the rear wheel.
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