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Thread: Never NEVER follow the chicken truck!

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    Never NEVER follow the chicken truck!

    As fate would have it, I found myself behind a tanker truck that must have just cleaned the floor of every chicken house in Southwest Missouri on Saturday afternoon. To make matters worse, we were going up a steep hill, at the speed of 4mph, (no exageration) and the truck was so full the 'contents' in liquid and semi liquid form, were spilling from the top of the tank, splashing a fine layer on the roadway.I was behind two cars and we were keeping our distance, but the road was being coated with a brown goo, that smelled just like chicken ----! So bad was the smell that my nasal passages were actually starting to hurt! Of course it was a two lane road, and the climb was about 3/4 mile long. I was able to creep up the the 1 foot wide shoulder to avoid the greasy stink fest, but the cars in front were giving off a fine mist of stinky vapor from their tires. Stopping was not an option as there was a trail of cars behind me, and the shoulder on this road is only 1 foot wide and then straight down.

    Evenually Mr. Chicken Poop turned off, and we all went about our merry way.

    Later that evening, when I went to ther garage, HOLY COW! It smelled like some one fertilized my garage with that same crap! My bike stunk so bad the cats wouldn't even come around! A trip to the car wash and 3 bucks later, the smell was gone, for now. I'll see what happens next time the bike gets wet., and the water rejuvinates the smell in all the little nooks and crannies that stuff went!

    I better go check my jacket!
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    Ugh! GROSS!!!!

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    There's a local chicken farm that has a reefer cube truck that does deliveries to stores and restaurants.

    The slogan on the back of their truck................"Poultry in motion."

    I laugh every time I'm behind that one.

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    Another reason for ATGATT.
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    In farming communities they refer to it as LIQUID GOLD!

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    And never pass a cattle truck in a strong crosswind..............................learned this lesson in Kansas many moons ago.
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    Mike, you should have read the name of the company, and reported it.

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    A few years back I was on my way to Lancaster, PA. and got caught in traffic. Not knowing why the traffic was so backed up. I pulled to the right lane, an found out that a HOG hauler(pigs live) not HDs. As I got closer, Mover behind 2pu trucks to wait for light to change.

    Next thing I reard was about iron HOGS comming by on my right. They zoomed up right next to the truck.

    What happened next inside bike next to the truck, on about 2 feet away, when those live HOG: started to piss on the Iron HOG riders.

    Never seen HOG slip and slide like those 3 BIKE. No one went down, but the Car Wash on the next block had no open bays.
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    Out here some cattle haulers will drop off a load to market or wherever, then fill up the truck with water and let the road action clean it, then drop the tailgate and let it rinse out. It is illegal as all get out and they know that and quite slippery and dangerous behind them. The road will stay slick for a very long time.
    Please get a truck tag or name and report them!
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    I have seen a chicken in a truck shoot chicken @!%$! 3 feet out of the cage and onto my windshield. Thankfully I was in the car at the time and had wiper fluid! Would have been nasty on the bike. Another time I was headed home late from a job, crested a hill and saw that the road was covered in a slurry of cow slop. I was in the work truck that time, again, thankfully, as had I been on the bike, like the day before, I certainly would have gone down. I knew the farmer who owned the field, so went to let him know how unsafe it was, appearently his teen son had spread manure in that field and "accidently" turned the PTO on early which started the spreading before he was completely in the field. The next day on the way back to the job site I saw that the road surface had been scrubbed clean. Probably a very tired and sore teenager that morning at school......

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    I imagine that in deep farm country, incidents such as you describe go unreported all the time, and when (or if) reported, seldom acted on. Which, IMO is bullsh*t.

    I got caught behind a slow moving "renderer's" truck once, on a hot Summer day. I'd smelled a lot of stink prior, but I do believe that was THE worst.

    Funny story:
    Was talking to a trucker once. He related a tale (taken with however many grains of salt) about an "open" manure truck being heavily tail-gated by an impatient woman in a big fancy car. One thing led to another, and the woman apparently somehow rammed the back of the truck. Her windshield broke, and the impact caused a wave of liquid manure to splash out of the truck into the interior of the car. Both the lady and the trucker jumped out, and the lady began yelling at the driver, who looked right down his nose at her, saying something like, "Get away from me lady. You smell like sh*t."
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwrider88 View Post
    I imagine that in deep farm country, incidents such as you describe go unreported all the time, and when (or if) reported, seldom acted on. Which, IMO is bullsh*t.
    I live across the road from a cornfield and pasture of a dairy farm and the milking parlors are just over the hill from me. It's amazing how much crap his herd of milk cows produce. The workers constantly haul the crap and spread it over the fields and the roads frequently have a lot of stuff on them. Depending on the weather and time of the year, the smell can get pretty bad. We don't give it a second thought and reporting it is not even considered. I can avoid most of the mess in the road by turning right at the end of my driveway rather than left.
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