Since the Midwest is vertically challenged when it comes to terrain, those of us here have to look for every opportunity we can for off the beaten path challenging rides. This is why I am looking for any riders interested in developing a South to North route to traverse the Loess Hills in Western Iowa, aka the Trans-Iowa-Trail (TWT). The goal is to create a route similar to the Trans-Wisconsin-Trail (TWT) that will consists primarily of level B (non-maintained) roads and gravel roads through the Loess Hills from the Missouri boarder in the south to the South Dakota / Minnesota broader in the north.

This could make for some fun rides before heading out to for the Rally in July.

The Loess Hills:

If anyone is interested please let me know. The Iowa DOT offers downloadable plat maps (3ftx3ft type size) that show all the level B and gravel roads by county. I have started on Mills county but there are still 8 counties more to go.